The competition looks a little jittery.

Eyeballʼs patented AnyBandwidth™ Technology dynamically optimizes
frame rate, picture quality, and audio quality based on network bandwidth
and CPU capacity. Eyeball Messenger incorporates AnyBandwidth™
Technology to consistently produce the best VoIP and video experience


Eyeball Messenger

Eyeball Messenger is a standards-based fixed and mobiile soft client that is SIP & XMPP compliant, providing full featured VoIP, video telephony, presence and instant messaging.

SIP SoftphoneMessenger supports deployments of tens of millions of subscribers, and has been deployed to more than 20 million subscribers by licensees including Comcast, FujiFilm, Intel, Maxis, Research in Motion, and more.

"BlackBerry PlayBook video chat hands-on: Best in class?"
"I got a chance to put the video calling to the test, and am duly impressed with how good it is."
"we were both impressed with the quality of both the audio and video in the calls."
"It is fair to say that Jason and I were both duly impressed with the quality of the calls using the PlayBooks and the Video Chat app. This could be a viable method for business video calls, as the experience is both good and consistent throughout the calls."
Source: ZDNet Mobile News - James Kendrick

Messenger can be deployed with other Eyeball products as part of an end-to-end IM, VoIP, and video conferencing solution, or it can be integrated with third-party, standards-based products.

Branding & Customization
Since the Eyeball Messenger was built using the Eyeball MessengerSDK it is easily branded and hard-coded for distinct networks. The Eyeball Messenger features, user interface and “skins” are fully configured depending upon your needs and those of your end users.

Federated Presence and Instant Messaging
Messenger supports federated presence and instant messaging with AOL, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo!, Google fax and more

E-SBC Information

Eyeball Messenger Platforms
  • Android
  • iOS
  • OS X
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Windows Phone